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Yūgo Ōkami is a 2nd-year high school student and the younger brother of Nana Ōkami who is a big fan of Subaru's novels.


Yūgo is a tall teenager with dark brown hair, brown eyes and a large build.

His school uniform consists that of a collared white shirt with long sleeves, black pants buckled with a brown belt, and gray shoes.


Nana Ōkami[]

He cares for her elder sister and would often visit her apartment. Whenever his sisters gets into trouble, he would resort to violence, in which his sister is opposed to.

Subaru Mikazuki[]

He was initially hostile towards Subaru thinking he was creeping on his sister. After the misunderstanding cleared up, he recommends Subaru to read the Shining in the Dark of Night, not knowing Subaru himself was the author. He would eventually know more about Subaru after his sister got the book signed from the author causing him to be embarrassed.

He tried to go to his house and personally apologize to him but was hesitant until encountering his editor Atsushi, who would assist on introducing him to Subaru. As he step onto Subaru's house, he quickly kneels to him as a form of apology only to be stopped from going further and is welcomed into the house. He would apologize again, but Subaru dismisses it as not of a big deal. He would then admit about his works claiming it gives him courage and would continue supporting him.

He calls him "Bro" in the English dub.


  • The name Yūgo means "excellence, superiority, gentleness" (優) () and "corpse" (伍) (go).
  • Yūgo's surname Ōkami means "push" (押) (ōka) and "defender" (守) (mi).