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Always repay any favors done for you.― Tora in a flashback, Episode 1

Tora is a stray orange tabby cat who was once Haru's mentor.


Tora is a mature cat knowing lots of things and showing them to other cats. She cares about the life of other cats and is protective over them.


Tora is a cat with orange fur with brown stripes and has hazel eyes.



Kuro is one of Tora's friends and lives her life with him. Both of them go to hunt food together or fight crows. When Haru and her siblings arrive he also mentors them alongside Tora.

Tora asking Haru and her siblings what are they doing in her territory

Haru and her siblings[]

At the beggining she was angry because Haru and her siblings where in her territory but she ends up helping them to survive and mentoring them on life and things they should know. Because of this Haru, Hachi and the rest of her siblings are very thankful and use her tips and advises to survive in their every day life.


Episode 1[]

She makes a very small appearance in one of Haru's flashbacks were she says to repay any favors done for you.

Tora teaching Haru about food

Episode 6[]

In one of Haru's flashbacks she appears alongside Kuro teaching Haru and Haru's siblings how to survive, catch food and other aspects of life such as, obtaining food to live, protecting her siblings and that meeting a human can change their fates. After that she saves Haru and her siblings a few times from the crows.

Episode 7[]

When Haru is being chased by Hayato and Narumi she remembers that Tora said never let your guard down. When she is being hugged by Misora Haru sees that she is a small human and she remembers in a flashback what Tora said about protecting her siblings.

Episode 10[]

Haru mentions Tora and shows Subaru a hunting skill that she learned from Tora to get food for Subaru.