With one spark of inspiration, the wings of imagination unfurl!Subaru, Episode 1

Subaru Mikazuki is the protagonist of My Roommate is a Cat. He is an introverted mystery writer who adopts Haru by chance. While he initially remains distant, they gradually bond with each other. Part of the story is shown from his point of view.


Subaru is an adult male of average height with black hair (brown hair in the manga), blue eyes, a slender build and he takes a slight resemblance of his late mother.

His usual attire consists that of a blue sweater, gray pants, and sometimes, a white undershirt.

Written works

He is well-known for writing the Shining in the Dark of Night and Shining in the Moonlit Night novels which garnered a significant local fanbase. His other known works include an unofficial sequel to The Moon and the Sun.


  • The name Subaru means "elementary" (素) (su) and "clear weather" (晴) (haru/baru).
  • Subaru's surname Mikazuki means "crescent moon" (朏).


  • He initially had brown hair in the anime trailers and early released images that was based in the manga, but it was changed to black for unknown reasons.
  • His favorite color is blue.[1]


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