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Nana Ōkami is a supporting character in My Roommate is a Cat. She is a store clerk at Sunny's Pet Store who owns two cats named Roku and Hachi (who is the younger brother of Haru) and the elder sister of Yūgo Ōkami, who happens to be also a fan of Subaru Mikazuki's works.


Nana is slim young woman of average height with pink hair that is tied in a side ponytail with bangs swept to the left side and light caramel-brown eyes.

Her usual attire is a pink hooded jacket, yellow undershirt and gray pants. As for her working attire, she wears a red T-shirt, white pants, and a black apron.


  • Nana's surname Ōkami means "push" (押) (ōka) and "defender" (守) (mi).