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Those sharp beaks and talons were more than Tora and I could handle.― Kuro explaining to Haru about the crows in Episode 6

Kuro is a stray black cat and a close friend of Tora.


Even though he looks mean and scary, he is brave and cares about other cats.


Kuro is a cat with black fur and a scarred left eye.


Episode 6[]

In a flashback that Haru has with Tora he appears after Tora takes Haru and her siblings to teach them and says that they don't have enough food for all of them. Another day when Haru goes hunting for food Kuro saves her from a crow and he then states that the crows where too much for Tora and him which is probably how he got his left eye scarred. Later Tora and him fight some crows and tell Haru and her siblings to escape.